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Holidaying in self-catering rental accommodation is a growing niche market. The suppliers of such accommodation are nearly always small independent businesses, usually with between one and six properties which are carefully looked after and so offer a unique holiday experience.

In order to better market their holiday accommodation, a web site becomes necessary. Many own a computer and have access to the internet but lack the skills to put a half way decent web site together, let alone one with live availability or interactive booking capabilities. Hence a large and growing opportunity exists for web designers to fulfil.

As a web designer you may be wondering just what information an accommodation web site should contain, how best to integrate a live availability or booking system into your customers web site and how to advertise and market it. Here at  www.holiday-cottage.co.uk  we can help. You can also advertise your web design services with us.


  Content is King   All holiday accommodation providers will already have a paper brochure about their properties. This will need to be adapted and the information transferred to web pages. A major selling point to future visitors is what there is to see and do in the local vicinity. Therefore good pictures of the surrounding area will be essential as well as information on local visitor attractions. Quoting a number of recent visitor comments out of the visitors book is also a must. An example of such a web site can be found at www.samplecottage.co.uk


Real-time Availability
& provisional Booking

lead to
more bookings

  An essential part of any web site today, by far the easiest and most efficient way to add a live availability and booking element to an accommodation web site is to link (by way of an url) to a booking module otherwise known as a booking engine. www.justbooking.co.uk is the UK's No. 1 booking assistant and offers such a service at a low price from just 25 / 35 per accommodation unit per year.

As soon as a booking is made, it is relayed to the accommodation provider by email (with an optional fax or SMS alert) for confirmation and to request the deposit. Configuration is done easily by the accommodation provider online, meaning that you need to do a lot less maintenance and so freeing you up to do other work.

But one of the biggest benefits of adding a centralised availability (and booking) module to the web site is that the available weeks can be marketed and advertised throughout the internet.


Design Tips


  Depending on your experience, we have put a number of web design tips on a separate web design page.



Once you have optimised the web site for search engine submission by selecting a carefully worded title (seen on the blue bar at the very top of the browser) and added the 'description' meta tag, you will also want to consider other online advertising opportunities.

Here at www.holiday-cottage.co.uk a thumb nail picture of your clients property and a link to their web site is free of any charges. There is a small charge of 15 / 20  to appear in the availability searches.


   Your Web Design Services   Finally, if you want to advertise your web design services on this web site, drop us an email with your contact details, homepage and urls of a few reference web sites. click to email us



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